Takeoff Challenge 2022

A 12-week eating challenge tailored to YOUR needs.

More time. More options. More data. More results.


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Starting Feb. 1

In many ways, a brand new year feels like a new chapter. It’s an exciting time to reset and take our health and fitness back into our own hands! A big change starts with a big challenge. Our team has spent a ton of time brainstorming how to help our Fit Fam in this season. Our big conclusion… there’s not one simple solution! That’s why we created the 12-Week Takeoff Challenge with two different options. Regardless of which tier fits your needs, we are so excited to embark on this journey with you!


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Flying Solo – $49 (one time)

  • $250 cash grand prize
  • Pre/Post Fit3D Scans included
  • No signup limit


Copilot – $75/mo (member) or $199/mo (non-members) for three months

  • $500 cash grand prize
  • Pre, mid, and post Fit3D scans included
  • Individualized macros based eating plan
  • Macros plan adjusted midway and post-challenge
  • Weekly checkins
  • High quality post-challenge profile pic
  • Limited to the first 75 signups



What is Fit-3D?

Learn about our new body scanner.

Many of you have used an Inbody scanner in the past. As we began the process to purchase one to keep in the gym, we ran across something much…well…cooler! The Fit3D scanner gives us all the data that an Inbody scanner gives, but it also gives you a 3D rotatable image of your body. Seeing exactly what you hope to change is motivating…seeing the difference between your pre-challenge scan and post-challenge scan will be inspiring! BSR (Body Shape Rating) is a proprietary algorithm that uses your weight, age, and hundreds of body measurements to determine how healthy your composition really is. This is a much more effective indicator of health than BMI (body mass index) or BFP (body fat percentage). We will use BSR to determine who wins the challenges!